In this annual,  Week long Tele-training 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs; who are experts in their field, share their powerful business success strategies with other entrepreneurs to assist them in creating a profitable, rewarding business doing what they love.
Coming Spring 2016

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What other’s are saying about Megan’s Step Into Success Summit

Dear Women Entrepreneur’s,
Just wanted to make sure you are signed up for this complimentary tele-summit series…How would you like to build a successful business without the struggle, debt, self-doubt and overwhelm? Sometimes you might feel like giving up when you have to sort through all of the information that is out there.Megan Tull, an Entrepreneur Success Strategist for over thirteen years, dear friend and colleague is hosting her 2nd annual “Step into Success” tele-summit series.. She has selected women entrepreneurs who have successful businesses in their area of expertise, who will be sharing their powerful business success strategies with other women business owners…and I’m honored to be one of those experts!In this tele-summit you’ll receive all the necessary training and support you need to create a lucrative business doing what you love with strategies, tips and secrets that you can implement right away…and it’s no cost to you.
Some of the tips you’ll be receiving….
  • Powerful tips and strategies you can implement immediately to build your business
    -Get clear on your value so you can start charging what you’re worth and get it
    -Tips on how to create a celebrity brand for you and your business
    -The courage to let go of things that you’re doing that aren’t “you,” and clients that aren’t using your unique
    gifts and to start living your purpose
    -Tools to help you easily convert clients into sales
    -Ideas for making your current offerings more valuable and irresistible
    -The opportunity to put your creativity to work and inspire and influence as a thought-leader!>
    -Simple Social Media strategies that will help fill your funnel with targeted leads
    -How to find your voice through speaking
    -Techniques on how to attract more powerful connections and more business
Megan is a Certified Life and Business Coach Professional Speaker and Transformational Leader
and the CEO and Founder of Silverlining Concepts, LLC and the forthcoming author of the book
“The Passion Belief Method™-Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth” (Guess who her Book Mentor was?).

Here’s to Your Brand and Your Brilliance!  

-Ruth Klein



“Megan -Thank you for the great tele-summit you hosted. I enjoyed the fantastic information and I look forward to putting it into practice.”
Elizabeth Rouprich, AICI
“Megan is a fabulous woman and entrepreneur which I’ve had the pleasure of sharing space with over the course of the summit. I love connecting with fabulous women that are changing the game and that is exactly what Megan is doing with her programs.”

Felicia Streeter, MBA

Million Dollar Mentor