Watch this video to hear from participants of the Shift Into Your Power Retreat-


“The Shift Into Your Power Retreat was a business game changer for me. While I knew that I was a powerful leader, I did not have the clear words to talk about what I did. Through the process of revisiting my ideal target market in a deeper way, and working with Megan and the other coaches, I was able to pinpoint exactly what my life purpose is, who I serve and what I bring to my clients. This has made it easy for me to talk about what I do, and has also made my marketing messaging easeful and crystal clear.
Megan is a powerhouse who knows how to build business machines. At the retreat, her wisdom and laser focus made it possible to learn a great deal about how to build a successful business. In addition, she hosted 2 other gifted coaches to bring their expertise, which added a whole new life-changing dimension.
The setting was gorgeous, luxurious and relaxing, and her chef gets 5 stars for the healthy, gourmet food he prepared.
I highly recommend this retreat for any female entrepreneur who is ready to take their business to the next level of deep understanding and empowerment.”
Heidi – Heidi Carter Coaching
“The retreat was so well planned, every detail. Content was relevant for different levels, we all get stuck moving forward and sometimes cannot identify what needs to be done you are very good at seeing those challenges.
 Initial contact to arrival was just enough, making the name badges including the wine and fire pit were very welcoming.
The program was able to get down to the layers of passion and purpose connecting it to our skills and motivation to enhance our offerings tied to our values for profit.
We’re much more informed about what our focus and what our value has to offer our customers and our businesses from the work done in the retreat. It was rewarding work to get our answers. It was such a positive experience; your team of experts is amazing.”
Karen Christianson
“Everything about the retreat was great. The location was amazing, having the personal chef was amazing, having three different experts hold different sessions was amazing, the live music on Friday evening was great. I liked the small group nature of the event. All of these things made it a success and all of these things really made it worth the time and money to attend.

For me, one of the best parts of the retreat was the networking with other powerful women, including the retreat hosts! We were all in different stages on our journey, but all have the same desire – to be successful. And I think we all have the same desire to help each other out.”
Tricia Krause
“The things that were most amazing to me about the retreat were all surprises, so without giving anything away, I can say that Megan really knows how to make the retreat all about you and personal for YOU, while at the same time allowing you the chance to bond with other like-minded women. Just amazing!”
Stacy Johnson – Table of Grace

Megan Tull was one of my main stage presenters for the 1st Annual Public Speakers Conference for the Public Speakers Association. She lit up the stage and the audience with her incredible personality and honest and rich information. My audience loved her presentation and have asked me to bring her back next year. I highly encourage you to book Megan Tull for your next event. You and your audience will be so glad you did!”

Tonya Hofmann: CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association

“After going through unforeseen changes in my career, I found myself in the wrong frame of mind. Going through the Passion Belief Coaching Program and having meaningful conversations with Megan, I obtained the tools needed to get back on a productive and fulfilling path in life.

Her transformational system will help you walk away with a clear sense of your worth and your unique gift to the world”
Rene Sanchez – Limitless way

“My business has been growing by leaps and bounds these last few months. It is a very exciting time in the evolution of my business. I am able to make clear, directional, decisions with confidence due to your Passion to Profits program. It feels great! Thank you Megan!”

Stephanie Emory – Financial Advisor – Edward Jones

“Thank you Megan for helping me be successful by managing my time, money and efforts effectively on a daily consistent basis. I read my money statement everyday, throughout the day and it is a really great empowering reminder of what I can accomplish.”

Charlene Romero
Premier Designs Jewelry
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Megan, I wanted to say thanks for an awesome presentation. We received so many compliments from the members at Tough Talk Business Network on your presentation. Because so many people have a hard time giving themselves permission to say yes I think you allowed them to see the power in it. Turn Your Passion into Profits is a presentation I would recommend to everyone.

Big Thanks,
Tony Gambone

Thank you for the great tele-summit you hosted. I enjoyed the fantastic information and I look forward to putting it into practice.”

Elizabeth Rouprich, AICI

I learned so much in the training that you recently did in Houston. I am trying to utilize many things that you touched on in your presentation right now in my personal life in order to build my confidence up for when I start my business. The points that I really loved were the parts on building a relationship with your money. I have never thought of money in those aspects before and I am now trying to keep better track of my money and also paying more attention to where I keep my money. Also the statement “ What you think about, you bring about”. I am a firm believer that you must start with a positive outlook and thoughts in order to be successful in business. Thank you so much for coming and sharing journey and expertise with us.”


Latasha H.
Business Advisor
Women’s Business Center
Houston, TX

I recently invited Megan Tull to speak to the group I founded, North Austin Influencers™. As an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, Megan Tull is right on point on what she discusses and showed a high quality of professionalism. Her delivery of “Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth” showcased a healthy relationship with money so that we can share our gifts with the World. I have gotten much positive feedback about the presentation from the attendees and recommend her to any group wanting to hear this valuable information.”

Monica Peña

I love having Megan as a coach! Her guidance is as rock solid as her body-
So many times you meet a “coach” and you find that they don’t walk the talk.
They’re trying to tell you how to make your life better and you find out their own life is a mess. Or they’re there to make your body healthier and then you find out that they have horrible eating/body issues.
Not so with Megan. Her life is in order, and she has good solid skills that she shares with you. Her health is a priority, but not to such an extreme that it becomes unhealthy. She’s the kind of person you want to emulate, both mentally and physically.
You’ll enjoy your work with her, and she will help you reach your goals.”

Sherrie – Bee Caves, Texas

It is with absolute pleasure that I recommend Megan Tull to any company or person who is looking for positive direction, attitude and training while outperforming any personal or professional goals. Megan will always be an asset and a mentor. I knew Megan was going to be a success as soon as I met her professionally many years ago while she was a part of a team that I managed. Megan has the ability to overcome any objection or obstacle in order to achieve results and provide complete customer satisfaction. These attributes continually result in repeat business. She is one of the most passionate, dedicated and motivated individuals that I have ever come in contact with professionally and personally. Megan has an incredible work ethic and an extraordinary drive to succeed that surpasses even the highest expectations. Megan will provide you with the tools necessary for you to surpass your highest desired levels.

Beth Szmania – Ohio

Working with Megan has been fabulous! I definitely experienced a transformation that has given my business a new and exciting direction. After being stuck for a while, it was just what I needed to move forward in a positive direction. Within a couple of days of the session, my new mindset brought in a very successful job and I was able to see immediate results from Megan’s coaching. I’m now very optimistic about the future of my business and I’m looking forward to continuing with Megan and having more breakthroughs with the Silverlining Success Mentorship 12 month Program.”

ANNETTE MCCAUGHTRY, CEO of Papers to Pearls Organizing Solutions

Owning a business can be overwhelming. At times it’s easy to find yourself lost in the weeds, unable to step back and see the big picture. I understand this, which is why I hired Megan Tull as my business coach. Through her Mentorship Program, she has helped me sort through my professional obstacles and establish a “what” and why” for my business once again. Specifically, Megan has been instrumental in helping me establish my fees and value of services that I offer. Within a 60 day period I was able to double my revenue. Her motivation and positive spirit are her natural born gifts. Her Mentorship Program is well thought out with topics ranging from having a healthy relationship with money to structuring a business for success. If you are ready to commit to yourself and work hard both mentally and physically, let Megan guide you in that transformation.”

NATALIE HOWE, CEO of Natalie Howe Designs

“You have been an inspiration in my life. Your support and retreat helped me be true to myself thus this is a main reason for our new adventure to move to Panama!”

Karen Duncan – Peek Cruises