Living a Fulfilled Life

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Many of us are seeking a life of meaning and satisfaction however, we are not certain how to obtain it. It’s normal to be confused and often fearful to go after what you desire or to even start to explore what that might mean for you.  Confusion or fear can often paralyze us or keep us stuck preventing us from living a fulfilled life.

Here are 6 Simple Steps to help you begin to discover your path to a fulfilling life or career.

  1. Write down everything you enjoy doing in a journal. Be sure to include even the things that seem silly or insignificant.
  2. Ask yourself these 3 very simple questions in order to ignite your passion: What do I love to do? What do I do that I can’t help but do? What do people tell me that I’m really good at? Answer these questions in your journal.
  3. Begin taking small steps to begin to gain clarity. An example of this can be, shadowing individuals that are doing what you think you’d like to do, gathering information and doing some research in an area that you’re interested in, getting involved in your community or an organization of interest. It’s all about experiencing new things.
  4. Listen to your intuition. Your intuition is a great guide to what your next best step should be.
  5. Be confident. Have the courage to try new things and ask for what you want. It’s normal to be scared but you have to be willing to do it anyway.
  6. Don’t let the money piece keep you stuck. Often the fear of not making enough money or not getting a “paycheck” can keep you stuck in a role that is unfulfilling. You must believe that when you discover your true desire “your passion” that the money will come.

When you are considering a job or a career path be sure to look at the following 4 areas (examples included):

Your Values: helping others, integrity, meaningful

Your Interests: sports, animals, fashion, health

Your Personality: curious, ambitious, sociable, motivated

Your Skills: analyzing, communication skills, technical skills, organizing

In order to find the perfect fulfilling career, the items that you list in these 4 areas must be in alignment with the role you are seeking/considering.

The process of gaining clarity around and creating the life/career that you desire may take a year or more of reflection. This is not something you can rush. I suggest working on it for a few minutes each day until you get there.

It’s all about having no regrets in life and doing what you want to do vs. what you think you should do.  We all deserve to create a life full of passion, joy and fulfillment – that includes you!

Please share if you have any comments or tips that you would like to share about creating a fulfilled life.  I would love to hear from you!


Megan Tull is an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, Transformational Leader in Business and Life, an Author and an International Speaker. Megan is CEO and Founder of Silverlining Concepts, LLC, a business coaching and consulting firm that specializes in innovative and transformational training and workshops for entrepreneurs, CEO’s and small business owners.

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