My Experience in Becoming an Author

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Have you ever considered writing a book? Chances are you have, although you probably don’t know if you should take this daunting task on and/or where to begin.

My book the Passion Belief Method- Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth was launched last November. Leading up to that date, 4 years prior to be exact,  I began investing a tremendous amount of time researching how to be a successful author and I started to really focus on building my platform (my list and community). Having an expansive platform is essential to be considered by traditional publishers these days. I have to say writing my book and everything that came along with it was the biggest learning opportunity of my life.

If you are looking to become an author to sell thousands of books and get rich you may want to reconsider. Only 1 out of 5 authors actually profit from their book.

I believe that there are many more significant reasons to become an author for example writing a book is an excellent way to get your message out in a bigger way, become an expert in your field and leave a legacy behind. These were the reasons that inspired me to take on this tremendous goal.

Once I made the decision back in January 2014 to write my book, things began to fall in place for me. In early spring, I hired my awesome book coach Ruth who I conveniently met at a conference I was attending (there are no coincidences). She helped me put together my book proposal. We then began pitching my book proposal early 2015 to prospective publishers. Talk about stepping outside your comfort zone! It wasn’t until that November when I found the perfect fit for me and my book – Morgan James Publishing. They specialize in working with entrepreneurs and were just as excited as I was about my message. They offered be a great package and we got to work!  I completed my book by the end of January ahead of my scheduled deadline. The experience I had working with my publisher went as smooth as can be. I now realize that I am very blessed ~ as this usually in must instances not the case. When it was time to launch and begin to market the book I hired my publicist Dennis who I still work with currently. He has done a terrific job of getting me in front of the media and is responsible for landing me the opportunity to be a contributing writer in publications such as Huffington Post and The Business Journals.

I feel that my experience has been so positive because… I made a firm decision, I was in alignment with my values, my intention was to share my message in a bigger way and I was 100% committed to doing what it takes to become a successful author. Because of these things, I believe that I attracted the right people in my life to support me in my goals.

I’ve had many exciting things happen since the launch pf the book two days after the launch of my book I hit best seller status on Amazon. I have had so many people share with me how the book has impacted their lives. I had an incredible 10 city book tour all over the country and met some amazing people. While I haven’t gotten rich off the sales of my book as of yet; what I can say is… that due to being a best selling author, I now can charge more for my services and I have gotten many high paying speaking engagements and corporate training jobs and a weekly segment on a Radio Show in Chicago. Being an author has allowed me to be recognized as a credible leader and an authority in my industry.

So, if you are considering writing your own book make sure it’s for reasons; reasons that are near and dear to your heart. Your “why” has to be big enough to sustain all of the challenges you will face along the way. But trust me it will be worth it in the end!

Please share if you have either thought about being an author or you have experienced being an author.  I would love to hear from you!


Megan Tull is an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, Transformational Leader in Business and Life, an Author and an International Speaker. Megan is CEO and Founder of Silverlining Concepts, LLC, a business coaching and consulting firm that specializes in innovative and transformational training and workshops for entrepreneurs, CEO’s and small business owners.

She has a new book called The Passion Belief Method- Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth in Business available on Amazon and your favorite book stores. For more info about Megan and her services visit – for more info on her book and to receive a free sample chapter visit-