Never Give Up!

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As always, the 2016 Olympics have proven to be incredibly exciting and inspirational. There is no doubt that all of the athletes that are competing possess amazing talent and discipline and are among the best at what they do in the world.

A particular story stood out to me that I wanted to share. This story is about a young woman who aside from the adversity and challenges one faces just competing as an athlete at the Olympic level; has faced an even bigger challenge – the challenge of freedom.

Yusra Mardini, a Syrian teenager and her family were fleeing from her war-torn country Damascus to Turkey when their boat (which was actually a dinghy) began to sink. There were nearly 20 people on board.  Yusra and her sister jumped into the water and after swimming for three hours were able to push the boat to shore. Then, her journey from Turkey to Berlin, where she finally settled, was a distance of 1,500 miles. Yusra is a member of the first ever Refugee Olympic Team. She was quoted as saying, “When you have [a] problem in your life that doesn’t mean you need to sit down and cry like babies. The problem was the reason why I am here, and why I am stronger and I want to reach my goals.” So, Yusra teaches us that regardless of our circumstance we should never give up – the opportunity and reward is waiting for us on the other side.

The only difference between those you drive towards their goals and get what they want in life and those you can’t is CONFIDENCE. Once you truly realize just how capable, talented and amazing you are; that belief along with a calm faith based sense of certainty is the key ingredient in truly realizing your value and having others realize it too.

I would like to share my Secret Formula for Success with you.


When you have a strong belief, in yourself, your why, or your products or services, then you will start taking action steps towards your goal. By taking action you will begin to get results. The results may seem small at first, and that’s ok. You may even have some so called failures, that’s ok too, think of them as learning opportunities. After getting results or learning from your mistakes, you will gain more confidence. With your new found confidence, you will have a stronger belief, and with that stronger belief you will take bigger action and with that bigger action you will get bigger results. With your bigger results your confidence will soar! And the cycle continues.

So, just like Yusra and the other amazing participants in the 2016 Olympics you too can achieve anything you set your mind to; all you have to do is take inspired and consistent action and believe in yourself!


Megan Tull is an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, Transformational Leader in Business and Life, an Author and an International Speaker. Megan is CEO and Founder of Silverlining Concepts, LLC, a business coaching and consulting firm that specializes in innovative and transformational training and workshops for entrepreneurs, CEO’s and small business owners.

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