A Journey of Passion

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(Based on the story Walking the Americas by Dave Skretta featured in the Star Tribune)

Have you ever had a dream to accomplish something really big? I mean something that is so huge and so exciting it scares the $#*^ out of you! Many of us have a burning desire, a passion that burns inside us that drives us to do something bigger than ourselves which requires us to step into a bigger version of ourselves. This means stepping outside of our comfort zone.

After a 2,650 mile hike from Mexico to Canada under her belt, 29- year-old Bethany Hughes a seasoned backpacker, from Smithville, Mo is preparing for her next incredible expedition. She will attempt to become the first documented woman to travel the length of the Americas — from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Barrow, Alaska — entirely by non-motorized means. The 20,000-mile trek will begin in December and take an estimated five years to complete.

Along the way, Hughes plans to spend time in local villages and bear witness to their way of life, promoting education, opportunities for women and other social issues.

“I really want to inspire others to pursue their own audacious goals,” says Bethany.

“Our world is only as big as the information that we allow to come into it,” Hughes continued, “so I believe being able to share what’s going on to the opposite side of the world, and that they’re not so different than us, we’re going to make it a lot further.”

Hughes traces her wandering spirit to her parents, Nazarene missionaries who spent time in Chile, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic during her childhood. Along with spreading the gospel, they instilled in her a passion for the outdoors. Hughes remembers her father going on hikes in the mountains, and she would hide in the back of the family car, popping out when he was far enough that there was no other recourse but to take her along.

Bethany also shares,”Gear and social and cultural progress have made this a unique time in history, where we’re able to facilitate an adventure like this,” she explained. “I think the world is ready for a message like this, that little girls should pursue their own dreams.”

What journey are you willing to take to follow your passion?

Like Bethany, now is your time. It’s time to take your rightful place as a strong, confident member of your family and society. It is time for you to have a healthy self-respect, a balanced self-love and a firm, unshakable confidence in your God-given gifts talents and abilities. You have a destiny. Now is the time to realize who you are and act accordingly.


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