Be Visible to Your Ideal Star Clients

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Being in business means putting yourself out there so your potential clients know that you have products and services available. This is a concept that you should naturally practice as an entrepreneur or small business owner. However, sometimes the reality of having to be more “visible” in the world brings up our fears of rejection, criticism and failure.

Most of us have some level of discomfort when it comes to being visible. The truth is in order to have a successful business you must be visible. You have to get beyond your fears if you want your business to get off the ground.

If this is an area where you are finding resistance, consider these 3 simple fundamental mindsets for building a strong base of visibility:

Visibility Mindset #1:  You Must Whole-Heartedly Believe in What You’re Doing

Promoting yourself can almost seem effortless when you truly love your work. If you’re not 100% sure on your focus ask your coach for assistance. Your commitment and devotion to your work affects everything: your confidence level, your energetic presence and even you willingness to market yourself. You don’t have to be an expert or at the top of your field, but you must love what you do if you want more visibility.

Visibility Mindset #2:  Get in Alignment With Your Niche

Not everyone will resonate with your business services or products they way you want them to. Don’t let that distract you or prevent you from getting out there. Concentrate your visibility efforts on the people who enjoy what you offer; it will be much easier to step out! If share your message to people who aren’t receptive to you this will drain your energy. Dr Seuss had a great quote: “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter!

Visibility Mindset #3:  Always Express Confidence in Your Ability to Help Others

It is very important that you are always enthusiastic about your business and that you can confidently and clearly convey what you do to others. Positive talk creates positive energy. Always be listening in every conversation how you may be able to help someone get what they want. Visibility is effortless if you are in a positive and helpful state of mind.

Being willing and able to express yourself and your message is essential to your business success. There is no doubt that it will be challenging from time to time, but just stay focused on how you can help others with your products and services , stay positive and incredible visibility opportunities will open up for you over and over again.

Please share with us which of the Visibility Mindsets I shared resonated with you the most. I would love to hear from you!

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