Create the Ultimate in Work/Life Balance with Entrepreneurship

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Now is such an exciting time for entrepreneurs, especially women, as well as an opportune time to become one. We are starting to see tremendous growth in this area, as more and more individuals are transitioning into entrepreneurship.

Many people are tired of the lack of flexibility in Corporate America, their limited income potential, their unsatisfying work environment and the boredom of not being challenged enough or able to fully utilize their skills .

Statistics show that female business owners in particular will provide 5.5 million new jobs in 2018.

For every ten men starting a business eight women are starting one as well. That’s incredible news!

The Kaufman Foundation, one of the largest foundations devoted to entrepreneurship, has decided that this is the decade for women to become entrepreneurs and seek advisors who will help with the transition in order to unleash their true potential and to help them fundamentally change their lives.

When you develop a business around your passion you will have the opportunity to create a business and life of fulfillment and purpose. Your passion will motivate and drive you each day to ensure that you are taking action towards your goals. You will be making an impact in the world by serving others with your gifts. As well as, you will enjoy and be energized by the work that you do day to day because it’s what you were born to do.

Entrepreneurship also allows you the flexibility to put your priorities first, such as your health and your family. Having identifying your priorities you can work your business around them by setting up boundaries. Structuring your business in a way that honors your values is also how you can create a lifestyle and business that you feel great about.

With such a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs right now, my book will provide the necessary tools to allow you to change your mindset around money, as well as provide strategies to reveal your value so you can move forward in confidence and create a highly lucrative career or business based on your passion and values.

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