Defeated or Empowered – You Get to Choose

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If life is getting you down- maybe you’re in a job/career that is unfulfilling, you lost a job or you are struggling to make ends meet, then you have a choice to make. The choices are- are you going to keep doing what you’re doing and continue to get the same results or are you going to do something about it and start taking control of your future. The thing is, you can choose to be defeated or you can choose to be empowered it’s up to you.

When we are in a negative state and we’re feeling such feelings as frustration, stress or fear; we are operating from a very narrow part of our mind. In this state of being, you are no longer able to access your creativity and you lose all ability to problem solve which means you’re practically paralyzed mentally. In other words, you are stuck. If you want to get unstuck, the key is to shift your feelings into a more positive and more productive state. I would like to share with you my Allowing Process. This process has served me and my clients greatly over the years. Now, I’m excited to share it with you.

When you are experiencing similar feelings that I described earlier, such as frustration, stress or fear, begin by concentrating on those feelings for a moment. First acknowledge them. Then, welcome those feelings. Finally, accept that they are there. Keep focusing on the feelings until they become lighter and lighter. This may take a couple of minutes or it can take several minutes. Be patient. When they become lighter make the decision to let them go.

Next, think about what it is that you really want. What would be your desired outcome of your current situation? Visualize what that would look like. Think about how you would feel once you reached that end result. Would you feel excited? Or, possibly powerful or maybe even peaceful? Acknowledge these new feelings, welcome them and accept them into your being. Keep focusing on these feelings and you will soon begin to shift into a positive state of being.

When you are in this positive state your creative mind will open up. You will have the ability to problem solve and come up with solutions to overcome any challenges that may be preventing you from reaching your desired goal. By being in this positive state, you will also start to attract the people and opportunities that will help to support your goals.

You can use this process as a tool anytime you feel stuck or you’re thinking negative thoughts or experiencing negative feelings. In just a few moments of going through this process you can begin to shift your state of being from negative to positive and get back to being resourceful, productive and begin to step into your power.

So remember, you always have a choice to make when times get tough – you can wallow in those negative thoughts and feelings and choose to be defeated or you can choose to shift your thoughts and tap back into your natural state which is empowerment! The great news is YOU get to decide!

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