Do Not Give Up Ever

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stopgivingupI heard a story once of a man that approached Brian Tracy after one of his seminars. Mr. Tracy had been encouraging attendees to look at his table of training materials, as they were deeply discounted just for them.

This salesman approached Mr. Tracy and told him, “When you encourage people to buy your programs, you should tell them the whole truth. You are not telling them the whole truth. They only work for a certain amount of time, and then they stop working.”

Mr. Tracy asked, “How do you mean?”

He said, “Well, I came to your seminar five years ago, and was completely convinced by your presentation. I bought all your programs and started listening to them. I read everyday in sales, and you were right! Over the next three years, my income tripled, and I became the top seller in my company. Then my income flattened out and has not increased at all over the last two years. The fact is that your materials stopped working after a certain point.”

Then Mr. Tracy asked, “What happened to you two years ago, when your income  stopped increasing?”

He searched his memory, thought for a while and then said, “Well, I was selling so much that I was hired away by another company. Ever since I started my new job, my income has remained flat.” Mr. Tracy went on to ask, “What did you do differently in your new job, compared to your previous job?” He started to answer, and then he stopped. A shocked look came over his face. Finally, he replied, “I stopped doing! I stopped reading about sales. I stopped listening to audio programs. I stopped attending seminars. I stopped doing it!”

I encourage you today to not stop doing. You are closer than you think! That next handshake, or that next phone call, could be the door you’ve been waiting to open! So many people give up right before their breakthrough! Do not give up ever.


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