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The New Year brings about reassessment of our lives and revamping our goals. Speak with any highly motivated person this week and they will tell you they are focused on their goals. Goal setting is a great practice that we use to put daily disciplines in place, a lot like stepping stones.

stonesOnce you have your goals in place give yourself a check up from the neck up. Do you have these in place before stepping out toward your goals?

Believe and Receive~What are you wanting to achieve? You will need to ‘Believe’ it before you can ‘Receive” it. Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, set your mind to believing it. Our minds will believe anything we tell it, so believe you can reach your goals. Where a lot of people miss the mark is, receiving. Open your mind and heart to receive what you believe.

Quitting Is Not An Option~Keep moving forward no matter the obstacle. So many people quit right before they are where they want to be. Don’t let that be you. You are always closer than you think. You may not see it, but by now you believe it.

Face Fear in the Face~Most are afraid of failure and the land of the unknown. Everyone had to start somewhere, so step out and take action. Run your game plan! I believe trying and failing is much better than not trying and never knowing if it would have worked. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” We’d really be in the dark without him!

Power Up Persistence~You have to gear up your tenacity. I know a guy that seems to accomplish everything he sets out to do. You would think he can do anything and be successful, but he disagrees. He will tell you he’s not successful every time, but he does get an end result. He’s tenacious to the end.

Practice Patience~Through all of this you need to be patient. Waiting is a learned skill and one we are not naturally great at. Today’s world is instant everything, but success is not overnight. If we achieved it quickly, we wouldn’t be emotionally or mentally fit to handle it. Everything we go through will grow and stretch us toward who we want to become. When your ultimate goal is within reach, you want to be ready, but be patient until then.


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