How To Move Onward and Upward

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Are you feeling stuck? Would you like to know how to get unstuck? Make a decision.

decisionWe make decisions everyday. Most are small and continuous throughout the day. The life altering ones seem to dauntingly hang by the wayside, patiently waiting to be addressed.

We know something needs to change, and this is where it’s easy to get in ‘fix it’ mode. If it can be fixed, or altered, then a tough choice won’t be required. Being leader’s we are accustomed to ‘dealing’ with situations. It can be simpler to deal with a situation rather than change it.

Decisions can upset the balance of life. It’s amazing what the human mind and body can absorb and adapt to. That doesn’t mean it’s right. The right decisions are the hardest and most painful choices, but you will have peace. If a tough decision needs to be made, your heart will tell your mind, and you’ll follow suit. Be courageous and know the best is yet to come.


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