I Wish

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When listening to people refer to their business or lives, often times they start a sentence with, “I wish….”

It has been my experience that wishes are goals not written down. You can have what you wish for. It just takes a plan.

1. “I wish it were easier.” The old saying is true. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Your passion is fueled by your gift and it’s unique in it’s own way. Consistent, daily action is key to a successful business plan. You’re going to make mistakes, we all do, but that’s how we learn. The errors along the way might not make it easier, but the experience will make you better.

2. “I wish they’re weren’t so many problems.” Every obstacle has a solution. It may not become evident as quick as you want, but you’ll find it. Perseverance and patience come into play here. Overcoming challenges always gives me a new skill. It may be something I didn’t know, or something I knew, but haven’t used in a while.  You always need to be persevering toward your outcome but be patient on the result.

3. “I wish it wasn’t so challenging.” If it wasn’t challenging, would you be interested very long? If it came easy and there were no problems, would you feel accomplished? As Entrepreneurs, we typically don’t back down from a challenge. They stretch and grow us into a better person. We become wiser and make less costly mistakes. It may be challenging, but it’s going to be worth it.

Be the best you can be knowing that your business and you are going to get better and better. Whatever you do…don’t ever give up.


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