Practice the 6 P’s to Empowerment

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You may wonder how some people make it look easy to get what they want and reap the rewards of success; while others struggle and feel like it’s an uphill climb.

I’m going to share with you a checklist that includes 6 success strategies; known as the 6 P’s, that high achievers practice daily to ensure their success in life and in business.

  1. Purpose:  It’s important to get clear on what your unique gift is, or what you can offer to the world that allows you to serve greatly and make a difference. It doesn’t matter in what capacity it may be, whether you are serving your culture, kids, family, managing your team or being a leader in your community. Your purpose will inspire you to get outside yourself and step into your power and serve in a big way.
  2. Presence:  Becoming fully invested and engaged in the moment is being present. Presence is necessary when you are interacting with a loved one, connecting with another person, selling or serving. By being fully present you then have the opportunity to connect at a deeper level, show them you care and possibly even influence them.
  3. Psychology:  (Why we do what we do) How can we use our mind to create the best lives for ourselves? Think of your vision of your highest self. What are your values and how do you want people to think of you?  Ask yourself daily, “Am I living my truth?”
  4. Physical Self:  In order to perform to your highest ability you need strength, stamina and energy. There are 4 main components necessary to focus on in order to achieve this; Eating a well balanced diet, drinking lots of water (8 8oz. glasses daily), exercising daily (incorporating cardio and weights – with physicians consent) and getting plenty of sleep  (7-9 hrs per night) If you’re tired or stressed, I guarantee that you’re not properly caring for yourself. If you’re not caring for yourself it’s impossible to achieve your goals.
  5. ProductivityBe clear on what your intentions are for each day and what you must accomplish each day in order to reach your goals. Make sure you block out focused time each morning to complete daily activities that will allow you to move closer to your goals. Don’t let distractions get in the way and suck your day away (ie; emails, phone calls, household chores)
  6. Persuasion Are you demonstrating enthusiasm in everything you do? Nothing gets people more inspired to hang around you, do business with you or to partner with you, than enthusiasm. This enthusiasm comes from believing in yourself. Knowing what you offer has tremendous value, and you having the ability to guide them to a desired destination

standingon-top-of-the-worldYour assignment:  Initially, think about and become aware of these six areas in your life. For the first week, focus on one of these areas daily and follow the guidelines above. Then, the second week, add in another, the third week, add another and so on and so on, until you have incorporated all six of the P’s.

By incorporating all 6 of these principles continually, you will begin to perform at your highest level on a consistent basis, therefore getting results and creating success in your life and business faster than ever before.



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