Some People Want It To Happen and Others Make It Happen

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Action is the one key ingredient that is lacking in many “magical” success formulas. “Wishing, hoping, thinking and praying” is a partial line from an old song you may remember. But in reality, this is not going to generate immediate results. Not until you add inspired action and combine it with a high degree of emotion or “belief” do you ignite the spark of desire that in turn produces action that produces results. From a spark to a flame to a bonfire, it is not a single step, but the progression that develops once you have the desire and the fuel.

In order to bring about a positive result, you must first hold your intention mentally, visualize what it is that you truly desire. With action, you can turn that thought into reality. Daydreaming, or thinking endlessly about all the things you want, only produces procrastination and eventually stale ideas. First start with your belief, “your belief in who you are and what you do”, then visualize your goal, take action on that goal, you’ll then get results and then those results will in turn give you confidence. With more confidence you’ll have more belief and take a bigger action to then get a bigger result and gain even more confidence. Do you see where I’m going with this? This is very powerful.

When you bring your ideas to fruition, you can birth those ideas into physical reality all by acting on your heart’s desire.

My definition of action:








Remember…to experience success in your life and your business you must take massive action. What are you waiting for?

Please share a comment with me about what you will start taking action on today. I would love to hear from you!

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