The Best Kept Secret of Happy People

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This week we get to celebrate Thanksgiving. Out of curiosity, I Googled the definition of the word, and was pleasantly surprised to see this one come up first. “Thanksgiving~The expression of gratitude, especially to God.’

thankfulThis reminded me of an article I read about things happy people do. Their best kept secret is, they are grateful. They take a few moments each day to think about all the things they appreciate and make a point of being grateful for them. I started this practice years ago, and I have more and more to be thankful for.

My life is not perfect, and when there’s a bump in the road, I have faith that everything is going to turn out alright. It may not turn out the way I had planned, but it always turns out for the best.

Happy people know there is only so much you can do with money, so they don’t focus on it. In fact, researchers did a study of happiness and found, once you have enough money to satisfy your basic need, there are only two ways money can help you. One is by improving your social standing and the other is to give it away. By using their money to help others, happy people feel like they are making a positive contribution to the world.

I wish your loved ones and you a Happy Thanksgiving! Once you spend a day reflecting on giving thanks, I encourage you to make it a daily practice. By taking a few minutes each morning being grateful for what you have, you will have more than enough to be thankful for.

Love and Abundance,




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