Timeout For You

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I texted a friend of mine late yesterday evening asking about lunch together this week. I checked my phone this morning and didn’t see a response. Later in the day, she texted me apologizing because she had turned her phone off after work and had just now received the message.

Megan_Mobile-cell-phones-drivingMy friend moved here a few months ago, with husband in tow, to open her dream shop. She had been praying about the location of the shop, and felt led that Bastrop, TX, was the place to be. It hasn’t been easy, like with any business, but it has been worth it.

I admire the discipline Lisa has for herself with her phone. When she leaves the shop, she turns her phone off, unless she is expecting a call. Someone will contact her husband if there’s a family emergency. She steps away from her business to take time for Lisa.

As women, we need to set healthy boundaries with our business. Maybe you cannot turn your phone off for an entire evening, but lay it aside during dinner. Who you’re having dinner with will see you focused on them and not your phone and they will thank you for it.


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